Built just for you 

A bit about us and our history:


We are people who understand that the "places and spaces" where people live, can have a positive or a negative impact on their lives, health and well being. We have simple aims: 

"To contribute to improving the general quality of housing stock in South Wales, by providing well designed, well built, energy efficient, generously proportioned homes which can be individually tailored to suit the needs and wishes of individual buyers. By using our knowledge and experience in both the self build and commercial build markets, mixing the best aspects of both, we intend to offer these superior homes at prices which represent excellent value for money, in whatever location they are built".

Between our Director  (Jackie Murphy) and our Project Manager (Barry Sutcliffe), we have pretty much all the bases covered to enable us to plan, design and build better designed, better quality houses than you will find at similar prices, pretty  much anywhere in South Wales, and possibly further afield. 


About us: 

Jackie is an Occupational Therapist is the main driving force for all our homes being built to "Lifetime Homes"  standards. She is very aware that people are living longer, and may need to adapt their environments to suit their changing needs over time. Jackie is happy to work with clients who may have further accessibility requirements, over and above those that "Lifetime Homes" recommendations take in to account 

Barry looks after the design and build of the new homes, the Planning Permission and Building regulations. He has been designing and building large, high quality, innovative new homes for over 30 years, as a developer, a specialist site manager and a self builder. He also worked with "Grand Designs" (the TV show), at their live events, as their "Self Build Expert" for a number of years, and sat on the UK Government's "Self Build Industry Growth" Committee in 2012.

Here are some examples from the past 10 years or so, of houses and other buildings that Barry has designed and / or built.