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 Built just for you 

How to view / reserve a property:


If you would like to arrange to view the development at Pennybanc, Ammanford, you can get in touch with us directly via the contact page, or by calling Barry (the Project Manager) on 07983 212691.

Because we offer the upgrade and alteration options, we do not commence any physical building work until the plot has been purchased and the buyer has had the opportunity to request and receive fixed price quotations for any changes to the original specification that they would like to make.


Each house is then built constructed for a "Fixed priced", on a stage payment basis (see below). This system has been used in the UK for many decades, and is also used widely in other countries around the world. It is the ideal system for the custom build / self build markets, as it allows purchasers to acquire a unique, "tailor made" new home, designed around their own needs and wishes (see below for more details).  

After you have made an initial visit to look around the site with us (with masks and social distancing rules being observed), and seen the available plots, if you have any questions, we would be happy to meet you again, either via zoom or on site (with masks and appropriate distancing), to answer them, and also to discuss your general thoughts and ideas. Alternatively, you can ask any questions you may have, by email.

If you need finance, we can put you in touch with funders who may be able to assist you. 

What is a stage payment system? 

It is a system that has been widely used in the Self-build / Custom-build industry for decades.

It works as follows:

1) If you would like to reserve a plot, you pay a £1000 (non refundable) deposit. (This shows that you are keen to proceed, and are not just holding the plot whilst you consider other options).

2) We send you the plans for the house and plot , plus a copy of the full specification, so that you can spend time thinking about any changes that you would like to make to the layout, the specification, the garden area etc.

3) You send us a list of any those changes. We respond confirming whether they are possible (which most of them will be), and we give you a fixed price for each one.

4) You decide which changes you would like to go for, and confirm your final specification. We then agree the full purchase price, with all of your changes included.

5) Once you are happy with everything, we will then pass the details of your purchase over to our Solicitor, who will make contact with your Solicitor, and the contract preparation process commences.

6) At exchange of contracts, instead of buying an existing house, you firstly buy the plot (this is stage 1). At the same time as you buy the plot, you also enter a contract for us to build your new homes, agreeing that you will pay for the build in (usually) 4 further stages, which are: i) At completion of foundations. ii) Once the roof is on and covered. iii) When the house is plastered. iv) At completion, once the house has passed its Building Regulations inspection, and after you received a completion certificate from the Structural Warranty company (giving you a 10 year Structural Warranty on your new home).

7) You move in to your unique new home.

Note: Stage Mortgages are widely available in the UK. We can assist you to find a suitable lender. Please ask for details.

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