Individual homes
 Built just for you 

Spacious, attractive, high spec, unique homes in Ammanford. Built and custom finished, just for you

A better way to buy your new home

Aspect Custom Homes were formed in 2014, bringing together a dedicated team of design, management and build professionals. Between us, we have many decades of experience in housing, with specialist knowledge of the self build industry and of working to ensure that housing is suitable / adaptable to suit the future needs of its occupants.

Our team have a genuine wish to improve the quality and value for money of new housing generally.

We design and build innovative, practical, adaptable new homes, that can change to suit the needs and wishes of their owners.

Our new homes at Ammanford are spacious, well designed, with superior levels of soundproofing & thermal insulation, sitting on good sized plots in an attractive, semi rural location, close to the M4 and a good range of local amenities.

How do we work, what makes us different?

Have you ever wished you could your own home? Create your own, unique living space? One that suits the way you and your family live, or would like to live? More spacious, better designed, warmer, with a bigger garden, more parking, and with the "little extras" that the national house builders ignore? We help you to turn those wishes in to reality, by offering warm, bright, spacious new homes that allow you to customise many of the finishing details to suit the wishes and needs of you and your family.  We do all the hard bits that self-builders usually have to do, things like finding land, obtaining planning permission, designing the houses, looking after the building work (etc). You get to watch as it all happens!


What do you do?

If you like the idea of having your own custom finished home and would like to reserve a plot, you simply pay a £1000 holding deposit, which holds that plot for up to 12 weeks. That gives you plenty of time to sort out your funding (we have partnered with a national mortgage company who can provide competitive mortgage terms, if required). During this time, you can choose which of the custom options that you would like to include in your new home. You then agree the final price and payment method and, after the paperwork is done, you simply sit back and watch your new home being built, whilst getting on with your own lives as normal. 

Once the house if finished and you are happy with everything, you complete the purchase and move in


How are we different?

1) Unlike the large scale house builders, we build "to order". We don't start building any new home until it has a buyer. This allows us to offer a wide choice of customisation options to each customer (see specification page)

2) We price up all custom options, and once the buyer is happy with their choices and the final (fixed) price, we move on to the finance stage.

3) We build our new homes using "Stage Mortgages" (widely used in the self build industry). With this type of funding, the buyer purchases the plot at the outset, and pays for the building works in stages, all at a fixed price (so there is no risk of you overspending).

4) We help towards your mortgage set up fees. We also pay your Solicitor's fees (up to £1500) and make a contribution towards any mortgage or rent that you may need to make during the build period. This ensures that, as well as getting a bigger, better, custom finished, future proofed new home, our customers are not out of pocket, when compared to buying a standard developers house. For more information on buying one of our new homes, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our specialist mortgage adviser

5) Each new home includes both a 10 year Structural Warranty from a reputable national warranty company and a Local Authority Building Regulations Certificate.

Once you have moved in:


Unlike most commercial builders, we offer, free of charge a "6 month snag". This includes, 6 months after the moving in date, a full inspection of the homes, accompanied by the owner. During this inspection we will list any problems and record where attention is required. Any items found will be corrected at a date and time to suit the owners.